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Welcome. I never intended to become a blogger. Thousands of people do this. So, why me? I have been fine without a blog for years.

Two weeks ago a former colleage found my spartanic website. ‘Is this him?’ he wondered. ‘Women In Jazz‘? Supported by smiley:)soft? I never told anybody at that company about the idea.
‘Funny name’ he said, and, ‘smiley:)soft, where coding still is fun’. Coding should be fun. All the time. Or, at least the major part of it.

I find myself in a strange phase today. I attend conferences, read IT books, read IT journals. I think about software, about code, about tests, about design, architecture, technology, training, tools, plugins, frameworks, about all that stuff. I use all that knowledge just for me, and in the teams I’m involved in. At the netopenspace in Leipzig last weekend I recognized something is wrong with me. I just consume knowledge, all the time. It might be time to give some of my knowledge back to the community, some of my experience, and some of my thoughts.
We all life in a world that’s rapidly changing. We all are confronted with at least a dozen new developer products and technologies a year. We all look at a new technology and wonder ‘is this the silver bullet?’. We all know it isn’t, there are no silver bullets. But there are no werewolfs, either. However, we’re addicted to new technology. We are addicted so much, we even forget stuff that really matters. When a new product enters the scene we are told what it might be good for: To create stunning killer apps, of course. Luckily, some products are more specific. But what it really _is_ good for, we have to find out in a long process. To make this process less painful, we all could use some guidance. This guidance is experience from other people. It is not found on company websites, it is found in the community – seldom in forums, mostly in blogs.
So, I decided to start my own one, to let the community participate in my thoughts, to create my signals in the IT noise. Posts will mixed-language, some German, some English. Sometimes I’d like to carry my thoughts outside the borders of my country.

Welcome to the windmills of my mind.

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